Acceptance into the Jewish people happens via birth to a Jewish mother or Halachic conversion - there is no other way - matrilineal descent or conversion. There are some people who
claim that it is enough to simply declare oneself Jewish, pick up a siddur, and commence "being Jewish". This person will live a Jewish lifestyle, perhaps in a vacuum, but they are not a
Jew. Unfortunately, whoever informed these folks that this is an acceptable approach to being accepted, as a Jew, into Jewish communities has overlooked a very important point - every
Jew in the community will question the motives of a non-jew who by-passes commonly accepted means of joining the Jewish People to declare themselves Jewish.

What compels a person to knowingly by-pass conventional methods? Some argue that they by-pass conventional methods due to racism and/or lack of acceptance by Haredi Orthodoxy in
To this we say "nonsense", the Torah is skin-color ambivalent and certain antiquitated views in the Jewish world far from account for Haredi Jews as a whole. If you know what is
expected of you to join/rejoin the Jewish People, then step up and do so.

As Jews we are responsible to, and for, each other. That means what you say and do, as a Jew, reflects upon how others view me as a Jew - and visa-versa. Will a Jewish community
assume responsibility for, and speak on behalf of, a person who will by-pass normal means of joining the Jewish people?

In practice, we find that people who by-pass conventional methods of rejoining the Jewish People do so as Messianic Missionaries, Social Groups who profess peculiar forms of Judaism to
mask blatant racism, people looking to puchase real estate in Israel taking advantage of a loophole in the "Law of Return" or people who are lonely and needing more help & support than a
Jewish Community may be provisioned to provide.

We are serious about this because you should give a great deal of thought to whether joining the Jewish People is right for you - being Jewish aint easy.
The Anusim Center
for those who awaken from their slumber
In Jewish belief, the essence of Abraham is shielded from danger within all
of us throughout countless generations. The guardian of Israel never sleeps.
His chosen nation never entirely loses touch with who they really are.
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Why so serious about all this?
- Children of forced converts due to Inquisitions, pogroms, war,

- Jewish children, taken from parents during war and converted to
other creeds.

- Jewish children, adopted by neighbors and converted to other
creeds, against wishes or legal directives of deceased parents.

- Jews forcibly converted during ˇ°Arab Dispossessionˇ± after 1948.

- Jews in hiding for fear of retribution who outwardly practice
Christianity or Islam yet maintain Jewish Heritage and customs
behind closed doors.
Questions to ask any person/group
working with Anusim
Seriously, who qualifies as B'nei Anusim?
Does the Rabbi have Yoreh-Yoreh or Yadi-Yadi Smichah from a Jewish Yeshiva or
equivalent higher-learning facility?

What Yeshiva did Rabbi attend?

What Nusach do they observe?

What authoritative Halachic text do they use?

How many Torah scrolls do they have in Aharon Kodesh?

Do they venerate 'Yeshua' or 'Yehoshua'?

Which Jewish schools do Congregation children attend?

What is their relationship to Israeli Rabbinate and Interior Ministry?